Joomla tools for better Customer Engagement

Joomla Extensions for Customer Engagement
Joomla Extensions for Customer Engagement

Joomla powers approximately 2.7% of the largest 1,000,000 websites in the world and is considered the one of the most user friendly and convenient in usage content management systems. Lots of well-known labels or brands use Joomla to build their websites. In addition to this more than 6000 extensions are available for this CMS. Let us find out which of them will help website owners to improve customer engagement.

Offer unique features to your website members and build a community of followers

Create a community of like-minded people by offering relevant content to them and sharing your latest updates with JomSocial. If you run a travel agency, for example, you can let your customers share their pictures, impressions, their trips experience, discuss routs and post suggestions. All of this in one place – your website, without extra ads or content which may distract. Isn’t it a great tool for social engagement? In addition to this – integration with Facebook and other great features which will let you run your social network smoothly and have more and more people joining it.

In case you need more extended features for building your community, try Community Builder tool. CB, the most popular and comprehensive social networking solution gives you all the tools and usability needed to grow and maintain your website community.

Equip your website with Live Chat tool

Live Chat has been gaining a growing popularity among online shoppers. According to Live Chat adoption among consumers has risen from 30% in 2009 to 43% in 2012, this proves how important it is to have this tool available to consumers. There are lots of different Live Chat software providers on the market. But which of them offer seamless integration with Joomla? Provide Support has a powerful Joomla Live Chat Module. It lets select and position the Live Chat button directly from your Joomla admin panel. With this module you will be able to add the chat button to any position available with your Joomla theme, select which pages to display the chat button at or add it to a fixed position on your browser window. And it’s very simple in usage, you do not need to have tech skills to set the Live Chat service up and running on your Joomla based website. Moreover, free 10-day fully functional trial is available for testing and proper integration. 24/7 tech support chat line is always online to help you with any questions concerning integration and usage.

Greet your visitors and deliver important information to them

Delivering information to your visitors at the right time in the right place is important to get them engaged. With special viral invitations system you will have an ability to configure automated and intelligent invitations. Invitex extension is one of the best ones available for this purpose. Rich set of integration options including integration with social media networks, JomSocial and emails makes this extension the one of the most powerful on the market.

Improve your engagement and SEO performance with integrated commenting system

Discqus is the best extension which will make your commenting system work by turning comments into an active asset of your website. Disqus makes it easier for people to comment and track their contributions on a single profile which they can display as a comment blog. Giving your user an ability to comment through Discqus you will build a strong community of followers and will get unique indexable by search engines content for your website. In addition to this, Disqus is very easy in integration and will not require much time for its maintenance.

Though a ll these tools have much in common, they offer different opportunities for customer engagement. While JomSocial and CB let you build a strong community and engage new followers to it, Live Chat tool gives you a chance to get new clients through superior customer service and proactive chat invitations which can be sent to website visitors while they are browsing your website. Try the Live Chat service for free to see all its benefits for your customer service.



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