Customer Service Staff Turnover. The Real Cost (Infographic)

Have you ever calculated how much it costs when your customer service agents leave? The figures will be shocking when you take into account all investments in training, hiring costs and your team spirit. The turnover rates for customer service agents vary depending on the country. The highest is in Philippines due to hard working conditions and low salary and the lowest rate is in EU.

In our new infographic we highlighted most important reasons for your customer service agents to leave and provided some useful recommendations which will help to improve your employees turnover rate.

If you feel you have more tips for retaining your employees you are welcome to share them in the comments below this blog post.

Customer Service Staff Turnover
Customer Service Staff Turnover


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  1. Awesome infographic. It takes a special person to provide excellent customer support. They are the workhorse for so many companies. Great tips on reducing turnover. I think having a fun atmosphere is critical too.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Darren. I totally agree with you that creating a fun atmosphere is also important, especially for customer service jobs.

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