Brands Ignoring Consumers on Social Media Are in Trouble (Infographic)

Gone are the days when we didn’t need to worry about using social media for customer support. But today, it’s not even a question. According to the Sprout Social report 90% of people surveyed have used social media in some way to communicate directly with a brand. The bad news is that brands reply to just 11% of people leaving the majority of inquiries ignored. It means that most businesses continue to use social media as a promotional marketing tool instead of a two-way customer communication channel.

In fact social media has already become the preferred customer service channel for millennials, and it is growing in popularity for older groups too. What’s more, whenever people turn to social for customer support, they want a response much faster than most organizations are either willing or able to provide. The same survey found that the average time it takes brands to respond to a social media message is 10 hours, though most people consider under 4 hours reasonable.

Just as much as ignoring consumers on social media can be dangerous for businesses and their online reputation, when done right, social media customer care will benefit both parties. Check the infographic below for some impressive stats and 10 tips on how to deliver social customer service effectively. Feel free to share it with your colleagues!

Brands Ignoring Consumers on Social Media Are in Trouble

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  1. It will be really foolish to ignore or avoid customer issues on social media today. Social media is coming up as one of the major customer service tools and keeping customer queries or grievances pending is one of the big problems a company may commit. Addressing the customer issues patiently, promptly and properly is really important and this not only help the company but also convert its customers as loyal brand advocates.

  2. If you don’t interact successfully on social media you run the risk of the comment “snowballing” quickly with more people quick to add their thoughts. A careful and considered response that is polite, courteous and shows your commitment to customer service is a must.

    Showing a positive approach to an issue in a public place can have a good impact on your business as it shows you do care when something goes wrong.

  3. Great infographics, definitely bringing more attention to the increasing trend of Social Media in the Business World. And not only do companies have to establish a good Internet Marketing Strategy, but they also have to dig deeper in order to use these Social Media activities for promotional or analytical benefits. This is where the advantages of Social Wifi come in play, a direct connection between the company and its customers. I have heard that runs a pretty good deal for businesses and their free wifi, connecting the wifi with their social media profiles and gaining more insights of their customers.

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