8 Tips How to Take the Most out of Live Chat

8 Tips How to Take the Most out of Live Chat

Live chat has been around for about two decades. Being in business for more than 15 years Provide Support was among first live chat software providers. By offering reliable communication tool we managed to win trust and loyalty of many customers around the globe. Today we are proud to provide our service to thousands of businesses that improve their customers service quality and sales level with help of live chat technology.

In this blog post we will be glad to share our experience and provide useful tips which will help you see the hidden potential of various live chat features and take the most out of them.

1. File transfer limitation.

To protect your agent’s computers from viruses and harmful files, you can limit file transfer options and let them receive only images or block sending of potentially harmful files such as documents, archives or executables. As a result this feature helps you protect not only single computers but also the whole network from harmful files that may be sent in chat.

2. Live chat window interactive preview.

While making changes to your chat window look and feel it is important to preview updates in real time. With interactive preview you can see how the chat window looks after applying new color schemes, fonts and texts. This saves time and lets you choose the right set of customizations before applying updates visible to your customers.

3. Import of predefined responses.

When creating a profile for a new live chat agent it may be necessary to add a new list of predefined responses. We made it easy for our customers to manage canned responses. They can be created on different levels – visible to all departments and agents, specific departments or specific agents. However, if you need to upload a big list of responses, we implemented a possibility to import them from a CSV file instead of adding one by one.

4. Collecting information about customers.

It is important to know who your customers are before you start chatting with them: whether they are your potential or loyal customers, what department they would like to contact, etc. With help of pre-chat survey you will easily collect the information you need and your agents will provide fast and professional assistance. Moreover, the information from the pre-chat survey is important not only during the chat session, it can be also used by marketing department to evaluate success of advertising campaigns.

5. Eye catcher.

Live chat button on your website adds credibility and shows your customers that you do your best to make interaction fast and simple. However, to encourage your customers to start chatting with you, you can enable a small bubble with a greeting message. Your eye catcher bubble will appear above or next to your chat button. You can add there some custom text to invite your customers unobtrusively to chat. Such bubble will not distract your customers from viewing your website and will make their browsing experience more smooth and pleasant.

6. Chat icons gallery and holiday chat icons.

In our gallery we offer a rich set of live chat icons which you can upload and use on your website. Besides standard live chat online and offline icons, we offer holiday themed ones to add some festive touch to your website during holiday season.

7. Passing information to the agent app.

If you already have information about your customers in your database, you can easily pass it from your website scripting to your agent app. This way your live chat agents will see a lot of helpful and useful details which will help assist and troubleshoot issues faster. You can see the items your customers put to their shopping carts, what are their user names in your store and other valuable details.

8. Google Analytics integration.

Live chat integration with Google Analytics allows not only to see the number of chat window, pre-chat survey and offline form loads. You can easily link GA goals with AdWords conversions to know how your paid audience interacts with your live chat. In our recent blog post, you can find a more detailed description of live chat and Google Analytics integration.