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Norton Internet Security is known among the applications, which sometimes happen to block our chat console and prevent it from connecting online. As a result, you may receive the following system error message "Cannot connect to the ProvideSupport Chat Server".

In some cases, Norton will allow you to connect, but instead will cause short disconnects during chat, or delays in messages posting. The solution is the same to both problems - to add the agent app to the white list in the firewall settings.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Norton Internet Security (right click on its icon in the system tray or from computer Start menu)
  2. Click Personal Firewall >> Configure
  3. Under Programs tab, click Add
  4. Browse to the folder where Provide Support Chat is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files\Provide Support\Live Support Chat for Web Site), select ProvideSupportConsole.exe file, click Open
  5. Click OK

After making the necessary changes, make sure to restart the agent app to get online.

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