5 Facts about Live Chat Role in Customer Service

5 Facts about Live Chat
5 Facts about Live Chat


FACT 1: Live Chat shows growing popularity. According to Forrester.com Live Chat adoption among consumers has risen from 30% in 2009 to 43% in 2012.

Thus adding Live Chat solution to your Company website or online store will give your users a unique chance to have their questions handled right away in real time, without keeping them waiting for email replies. In addition to this, Live Chat button added to a visible position on the website will ensure that your customers will have an ability to contact you with a mouse click. Isn’t it a convenient way of dealing with questions or issues?


How to make Live Chat pay off

How to make a good use of a Live Chat on my website? How to make customer support agents’ time pay for itself? These are the questions online retailers ask every time they implement a Live Chat tool on their websites.

Online shoppers prefer Live Chat over other communication channels

E-Tailing Group reports that 72% of online shoppers consider live chat very important when buying gifts online. Taking into account this statistics you might want to start offering Live Chat support to your customers immediately. But in the rush to help customers via Live Chat many jumped in without reviewing all chat features and making good use of them. >>>