Customer Service Cheat Sheet for Live Chat Operators with Examples of Responses

 Cheat Sheet for Live Chat Operators
Cheat Sheet for Live Chat Operators

Chat etiquette plays a huge role in customer service. Professional and authentic interaction with clients goes far beyond the opportunity to make a sale. It helps to build a lasting relationship with the customer, inspire future communication and create fans and advocates of your brand.

How to treat the customer to be able to appreciate all these benefits and escalate your service to a more professional and human level?

Customer service training is the most important part in achieving these goals.

Professional line of communication is not that obvious to expect your service agents to get at it intuitively. It is especially true with new employees who often need help finding the proper style of communication which would stick with your business objectives and allow them to maintain their authenticity.

Below are some guidelines on how a service agent can best handle the major key points in a live chat conversation. >>>

Live Chat Etiquette: 10 Tips for Being Polite on Live Chat

Live Chat Etiquette
Live Chat Etiquette Tips

More and more websites offer live chat support today so that their customers can get immediate and thoughtful service whenever they need. However, sometimes like many other tools live chat is being misused and customers instead of receiving smooth and pleasant customer experience leave the chat room angry or disappointed. Why does this happen? You cannot ignore the fact that live chat etiquette already exists and customers expect specific behavior and attitude. When the pattern is broken customers feel frustrated and rate your service as poor.

Chat conversations can be easily saved and shared on social media, like this happened with Amazon’s dissatisfied customer who spread the word about negative experience with one of employees. To avoid such situations you need to train your customer service team to treat customers politely and with respect. In this blog post I would like to offer 10 tips for being polite on live chat. >>>

Live Chat Etiquette Basics. How to Ask Questions Correctly

Live Chat Etiquette Basics
Live Chat Etiquette Basics

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ― Voltaire

Properly and politely asked questions always make a good impression on customers. They create an atmosphere of friendliness and encourage customers to come back again and again. Normally it is not enough to answer questions politely, it is also important to put questions properly, show respect and polite attitude. In this blog post I would like to share some live chat etiquette ideas about this. Here they are:

Smile when asking questions

We can ask questions in a different way but if we want to provide a memorable customer experience we need to express our friendliness and desire to better assist not only while answering questions but also while asking them. Just compare these two questions: >>>

10 Rituals of a Successful Live Chat Session

10 Rituals Of A Successful Live Chat Session
10 Rituals Of A Successful Live Chat Session

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle

Being successful in any field is about constantly doing the right things. Expertise and professionalism in customer service yield from thousands of routine customer interactions we perform daily. The way these communications are handled can make a huge difference. Not only they have direct impact on company’s relationship with its customers and overall business image, they also define how we — customer service representatives — feel about ourselves, our jobs and our lives.

If you are constantly facing defeat and frustration, suffering annoyance and embarrassment at the workplace, most likely you are not the happiest person on the earth, even outside work. On the flipside, when you enjoy what you do and feel great about helping others and making their lives easier, you are likely to keep calm, sober and dedicated to work even in most challenging and difficult situations. >>>

10 phrases you should not use on Live Chat

Simple chat conversation can result in a disastrous misunderstanding Thousands of chat calls are handled each and every day around the world. The way these chats are handled can make a huge difference to a company’s relationship with its customers – and bottom line.

Using proper language in Live Chat is essential to customer satisfaction. Chat conversation lacks wealth of body language and eye contact that you get face to face, so the tone and mood can get lost. In addition, words may mean something different to the customer than they mean to you, and a simple chat conversation can result in a disastrous misunderstanding and even unknowingly drive customers away.

All the other person has to go from is your words. So why not choose them a little more wisely? We used our own experience to discard phrases that put customer experience in jeopardy. Here are the top 10 commonly used phrases >>>

Live Chat Etiquette in Customer Service

Live Chat Etiquette in Customer Service
Live Chat Etiquette in Customer Service

Communication is one of the most difficult areas of human life. Even in personal relationships it can become quite a struggle, what to say about customer relationships where in less than a few minutes you have to establish a connection, preferably a pleasant one, with a person whom you never met in your life and whom you know nothing about. And people are different, they have different views, values and expectations. How to communicate with them effectively?

Building an effective communication is about getting to understand the customers’ needs and wishes.  Despite all the diversity, we all as human beings have the same needs and desires. >>>