Social Media Customer Service Stats and Trends You Need to Know (Infographic)

With over 2 billion Facebook users, +700 million Instagram users, and +300 million Twitter users, it’s no longer enough for brands to be merely present on social media. They need to be active and engaging. Today’s customers want their voices heard and problems resolved quickly and effortlessly whenever they reach out to brands on social media. And if brands are not part of the conversation – they will be left behind.

Obviously, it’s no longer a question if your business should listen to customers on social media – it’s a question of how you listen and, what’s even more important, how you respond. By delivering great customer support on social media, you can truly build stronger relationships with customers and improve customer loyalty. In fact, according to Aberdeen, companies that have a well-crafted social customer service approach experience 92% customer retention.

Moreover, Gartner predicts that by 2020, 90% of companies will be using social media for customer service. Are you still ignoring your customers on social channels? To further underline the importance of providing social customer care, take a look at the infographic below that highlights some key stats and trends that marketers need to be aware of. Enjoy!

Social Media Customer Service Stats and Trends

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  1. Very good the infographic, I will share.

    The fact is that after I started working better with social media the growth of my business increased a lot and consequently sales too!

  2. Social media is really important these days. We have built proper strategy as well as we need to invest something to start our business on social media. First of all great use of visualization to implement all the important point. Very useful information worth reading. Thank you

  3. Social media plays the very important role in our business development. We need to be active and engaging to get visitors to our blog or website. I totally agree with the point “how we listen”, and Yes, It is really important “how we respond”. Such an amazing infographic which great visual and information. Thank you so much for the information.

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