How Social Media Is Affecting Customer Service (Infographic)

Social Media in Customer Service
Social Media in Customer Service

Complaining customers are, unfortunately, an inevitable fact of business life. The way you respond to and handle their complaints will determine whether your customers share on social media how terrible your company is or will remain happily loyal to your brand. Today social media channels are used not only for chatting with friends, they have also become a powerful source of sharing experiences and complaining about products or services. However, it would seem that businesses are somewhat lagging behind with their customer service “responsibilities” online. Because of this, customers are becoming confused, frustrated and, perhaps most significantly, impatient. Customers will no longer bear with unresponsive or unsatisfactory customer service online. They will look elsewhere and share their damaging reviews on your dealings with them. This in return will undoubtedly taint your business and ultimately lead to a major loss in profit.  

As shopping online and e-commerce is currently booming, your business could find itself losing a huge chunk of revenue purely to something as simple as thirty minutes of friendly correspondence and enquiring into the customer’s issue. Yet many businesses aren’t doing the simple things right and aren’t accounting for the disastrous consequences of poor service on social media. However, this doesn’t need to be the case with your business!

Do any of these statements seem dubious? Where are the findings you ask? Ponder no longer, as the following infographic has the facts and statistics to show us how important the role of social media in handling customers’ complaints is and allow you to infer how much negative posts can affect businesses.

How Social Media Is Affecting Customer Service
How Social Media Is Affecting Customer Service

This infographic was contributed by Braedon Frank. Braedon Frank writes on the behalf of Stephen Avila and David Cammack at Legalo. Legalo is an ambitious and innovative law firm that specialises in providing resources and contract templates for businesses and consumers. With 10+ years experience each in the field of Law, Stephen and David can provide the specifications, guides and legal advice needed to have a full understanding of any legal issues relevant to you.


  1. Awesome Infographic on how social media affecting customer service. Daily Users are getting increasing on social networking sites. People use social media to get good customer support from brands. Social media is a great tool to use and raise your problem even customers getting fast response when you contact through social media sites.

  2. I would agree with Sophia, the infographic is really nice, clean and beautifully designed. Additionally the data ProvideSupport has shared on this, is really good and it is very clear that how people are engaging with brands on social sites. Most importantly as an open public forum and with the facilities of hash tags and brand mentions now social media users can easily draw the attentions of a brand if they failed to get a good service. At the same time this is an easy job for the brands too to get pro-active to resolve those customer problems. In this age of digital media and marketing all the companies must add values with their products or services to retain and acquire customers.

  3. Susan and Sophia, thank you for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed this guest infographic published in our blog.

  4. Nice Infographic.
    For some reason telco (mobile/internet operators) are not there. I found many complains in that sector as well.
    And another view that can be added, Twitter is the preferred channel for complains. It is like 90% of all communications to Telco’s done over Twitter.

    And one of the ways to deal with such complaints is automate things over Twitter, like Action Tweets. It will allow to answer many comments and requests over Twitter automatically without leaving them unanswered.

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