Santa Claus inspired Holiday Chat Icons

22 November, 2012

Chat Icons for Christmas
Winter Holidays Image Gallery

Dear friends!

The time is coming! Don’t we all expect this special season of unbelievable discounts and amazing tasting cakes. The time, which presents a great opportunity to give and share something with the people around us, the people we meet on our paths, whom we love and value.

As a special treat for you, this year we have prepared a custom-designed set of Winter Chat Icons,  which you can place on your website and share your holiday spirit with your customers, friends and colleagues.

Additionally, we have translated the chat icons into several languages: French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, so that those of you who are based in Europe  can also participate and spread the holiday mood.

Here is a link to the page  where you can see all of the holiday-themed  icons and pick for your website the ones you like:

To choose your language, click the corresponding tab in the language bar in the top right above the image gallery:   

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Let’s be Merry!

Maria Lebed