Key Findings From the Customer Service Benchmark Study [Infographic]

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, excellent customer service seems to be the only way of setting our businesses apart from the rest of the competition and keeping our customers satisfied. But do we really know what our customers expect from us when things occasionally go wrong?

While email and phone still remain the most frequently used channels for consumers to contact a brand, the Customer Service Benchmark study 2013 by eDigitalResearch revealed that Live Chat has actually the highest customer satisfaction rate of all customer service channels.

The study also found that customers expect to be able to get in touch with a brand through a number of different customer service channels, even if they don’t really use them. In other words, they want to be able to contact a brand when they want and how they want. Check some specific numbers in this Infographic.

Key Findings From the Customer Service Benchmark Study [Inforgrafic from Provide Support]
Satisfaction Levels Across Communication Channels [Infographic]
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Maria Lebed