How Consumers Are Changing the Face of Customer Service (Infographic)

In today’s digital, fast-paced world customer expectations and the rules of customer engagement are rapidly changing. What used to be acceptable and satisfactory in customer service a while ago is no longer enough. Being able to recognize and adjust to these new dynamics is absolutely vital in acquiring and retaining customers. While failure to address the changing consumer needs can put your business at risk.

Consumers are mobile and self-reliant: they are talking, texting, browsing, chatting and tweeting more than ever. Their lifestyles demand fast and convenient access to information anytime, anywhere. And, not surprisingly, they will no longer tolerate poor customer service. In fact, 72% of consumers already stopped doing business with a company because of a bad service experience.

The infographic below, based on the recent Aspect eBook: Six Things People Expect From Your Contact Center In The Digital Age, shows how consumer behavior has changed, what customers expect from brands today and what drives their overall level of satisfaction. Is your customer service strategy aligned with your customers’ expectations? Any comments are welcome!

How Consumers Are Changing the Face of Customer Service
How Consumers Are Changing the Face of Customer Service

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  1. Interesting article.
    Truth is Customer service is the new normal for every organisation who would thrive tomorrow.
    It pays much to focus on this.
    Thanks for sharing.

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