Customers 2020: The Future of B-to-B Customer Experience (Infographic)

What will your customers look like in 2020? What will they expect from your business? Will you be ready to meet their needs and expectations? According to the report Customers 2020 by Walker Information in collaboration with Customer Think and the Chief Customer Officer Council, in 2020 customers will be more intelligent, more informed and more demanding.

As stated in the report, customer expectations are going to change dramatically as they will expect to interact on their terms. With the explosion of digital and acceleration on innovations, customers will demand companies to personalize the experience, predict and proactively address their current and future needs. Generally, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Apparently, only the most forward-thinking companies – those that deliberately work at anticipating customers’ future needs and creating valuable personalized experience – are going to win. Will your company be one of them? This Infographic highlights the key findings from the Customers 2020 report to help you understand how your customers’ expectations will change by 2020 and how your business can adapt to those changes starting from now.

Customers 2020: The Future Of B-To-B Customer Experience
Customers 2020: The Future Of B-To-B Customer Experience

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  1. Great article and infographic, Mary. I especially agree that customers will expect you to be pro-active and not reactive by then. I think that will be one of the hallmark changes in customer service moving forward, along with highly customized support based on your past customer history.

    My only concern will be if this level of customer awareness will come at the cost of our privacy, but that seems to be the direction everything is going. Who knows, a lot of what you write about may come earlier than 2020.

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