Customer Service Etiquette Tips: How to Keep Your Customers Happy (Infographic)

“Politeness goes far, yet costs nothing.” – Samuel Smiles

There might be a huge number of companies offering the same products or services. The critical difference is ultimately how you make people feel when they do business with you and interact with your brand. No matter your business, excellence in customer service etiquette will always set you apart and give you the edge over your competition.

In fact, customer service agents can be the first and only contact point for customers and are therefore the face of a company. Yet many of them are very often blind to the fact that they are losing business every day by not knowing or simply ignoring the essential service etiquette.

The Infographic below offers 10 basic principles of customer service etiquette along with the list of phrases that should be avoided (with their better equivalents) as well as some practical tips on phone, email, Live Chat and social media customer service etiquette. If you enjoy the infographic and find it helpful, feel free to share it with your colleagues!

Customer Service Etiquette Tips: How to Keep Your Customers Happy (Infographic)
Customer Service Etiquette Tips: How to Keep Your Customers Happy

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  1. Well i am thinking if it is possible to have this service for astrology related website? can these kind of chat systems work for them?

    1. Emma, sure chat systems can work on astrology related websites just as on any other websites.

  2. I have a booming business, and I depend more on effective customer service for selling my products and services to buyers. My long years of experience in the business have also made me wise on the importance of Customer service executives and their qualities. These professionals are truly the backbone of a company, and their services can make or break a business. These are the best tips I have come across. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. You said it all, many companies lose customers due to poor customer service, a smile on their face and goodwill can make a difference, thanks for sharing tips relevant to the success of companies and their employees.

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