Ditch the Script: How to Personalize Real-Time Customer Service

Ditch the Script: How to Personalize Real-Time Customer Service
Ditch the Script: How to Personalize Real-Time Customer Service

Today we are pleased to share a guest posting by Stephan Delbos, a social customer service expert from Brand Embassy.

Every actor’s worst nightmare is forgetting their lines. Just imagine it: you’re standing in front of a crowd of hundreds, deep into the Second Act of The Importance of Being Earnest
and suddenly, your mind goes blank. The only sound you hear is the nervous beating of your heart. Luckily there’s usually a director waiting in the wings to whisper your line to you. If only social customer service agents had it so easy.

But then again, the title of Oscar Wilde’s famous play offers a great lesson for contact centers: it’s more important to be authentic, to be human and personalized, than it is to flawlessly deliver a customer service script. With an  increasing number of companies competing on customer experience — which essentially means competing to deliver the most authentic experience to customers who increasingly demand tailored service — it’s time for contact centers to ditch the script and personalize real-time social customer service. Here are four ways to make that happen. The first two concern agent behavior, while three and four focus on technology and social customer service software. >>>

10 Lessons Learned Working In Customer Service

Lessons Learned Working In Customer Service
Lessons Learned Working In Customer Service

With so many stories of bad customer service we hear these days, many people are getting the impression that customer service jobs are entry-level or unimportant roles taken just to get by until a better opportunity. Do you share the same view? I hope, not. For me, it’s just the opposite. An experience of working in customer service, even as a temporary job, can be a stepping stone to a great career and many other life achievements.

Working in customer service can be a formative experience that exposes you to people from all walks of life with all different kinds of backgrounds. In the long run, it may turn out to be valuable lessons you would not trade in for anything. In this blog post I would like to share my insider’s view on customer service career and my key takeaways from it. >>>

8 Ways to Win More Loyal Customers with a Personal Touch

8 ways to personalize customer communications to increase loyalty
8 ways to win more loyal customers with a personal touch

Winning loyal customers does not necessarily take huge marketing budgets. When it comes to customer loyalty, it’s small gestures that get appreciated the most and remembered.

Adding a simple personal touch to every interaction you have with your customers has a big impact on how they perceive your brand.

Loyal customers are a very important asset of any business. As statistical facts prove, up to 15% of a company’s most loyal customers account for 55-70% of the company’s total sales. The numbers are quite impressive.

Let’s take a look at how you can win greater customer loyalty with a few small personalized gestures. >>>

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Employee Engagement (Infographic)

Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it. – Timothy R. Clark

Are your employees passionate about their jobs and committed to contribute to your company’s goals? If not, you may be facing an employee engagement gap that can have a negative effect on productivity, retention, customer service levels and customer experience.

In fact, employee disengagement is a bigger problem than most employers realize. According to the Gallup studies only 32% of employees in the U.S. are engaged, worldwide this number is as little as 13%. Gallup also found that poor engagement at work can cost the U.S. anywhere from $450 billion to $550 billion per year. >>>

5 Reasons Why You are Losing Loyal Customers

Customer Loyalty
Customer Loyalty

In any business existing customers leave and new customers arrive. However, there are customers who are the backbone of any business, they are the loyal customers. According to Accenture  28% of consumers are loyal to their providers and brands, which is why all effort should be taken to keep such customers and increase their number.

However, businesses focus on attracting new buyers and often forget about those customers who have been staying with them for a long time being loyal to their brands. These consumers feel frustration and leave as soon as they find an alternative. In this blog post I have described 5 reasons why businesses lose their loyal consumers. I hope that better understanding of this problem will help your business to retain loyal customers and provide a better customer service to them. >>>

How to Build a World-Class Customer Service Team (Part 3)

How to Build a World-Class Customer Service Team
How to Build a World-Class Customer Service Team

It’s undoubtedly true that basing your business around customer service always pays off. These days, we’ve been witnessing many amazing stories of companies that made customer service a key pillar of their business and eventually the face of their brand. Have you ever asked yourself if your team can learn from these successful professionals, and what you can do to delight your customers just as well?

In two previous blog posts I outlined some important aspects contributing to the success of the world best customer service teams, and suggested how you can learn from them. This is the last blog post in the series. If you have missed my previous posts on the topic, you can catch up on them here and here. >>>

8 Steps to a More Productive Live Chat Support on Your Website

8 tips to increase productivity of live chat support
8 steps to a more productive live chat support

If you are already offering live chat support service to your customers, you may have been thinking how to optimize your live chat procedures so that the tool brings the most benefits both to your company and your clients. This post is for you.

If you have only been considering to add live support to your website, you may also find this blog useful to outline for yourself what steps will be needed to make this tool efficient and worth having.

A survey by Software Advice concluded that a majority of U.S. adults have used live chat at least once. Many clearly express a preference for it over more traditional customer service channels for the simple reason that it offers many benefits that other channels don’t. >>>

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid with Your Customer Service Scripts

Customer Service ScriptsSomewhere along the line, the customer service industry envisioned that it would be a great idea to start scripting everything. On the surface, it seems as though a script allows little room for error. Everyone is representing the company’s stance through crafted statements, and that should leave little room for error. The only problem is that without room for error, there’s also no room for growth. Your scripts may be cheapening the quality of your service, and your customers will notice that immediately. >>>

How Consumers Are Changing the Face of Customer Service (Infographic)

In today’s digital, fast-paced world customer expectations and the rules of customer engagement are rapidly changing. What used to be acceptable and satisfactory in customer service a while ago is no longer enough. Being able to recognize and adjust to these new dynamics is absolutely vital in acquiring and retaining customers. While failure to address the changing consumer needs can put your business at risk.

Consumers are mobile and self-reliant: they are talking, texting, browsing, chatting and tweeting more than ever. Their lifestyles demand fast and convenient access to information anytime, anywhere. And, not surprisingly, they will no longer tolerate poor customer service. In fact, 72% of consumers already stopped doing business with a company because of a bad service experience. >>>

How to Build a World-Class Customer Service Team (Part 2)

How to Build a World-Class Customer Service Team
How to Build a World-Class Customer Service Team

Every business owner knows that in today’s highly competitive marketplace excellent customer service is more than a preference – it is a prerequisite for sustainable growth and business success. The most successful companies also realize that great customer service is more than just sales support. In fact, it is a brilliant way to build brand awareness and promote a product or service.

How do you go about making excellent customer service synonymous with your brand and a hallmark of your company? The best way is to learn from those that do it well. This blog post is the second one in a series that highlights lessons any business can learn from the world best customer service providers. >>>