Why Customer Loyalty Really Matters and How to Improve It (Infographic)

According to the 80/20 rule (the Pareto Principle), 80% of business comes from 20% of customers – in other words, a small group of your customers is generating the bulk of your revenue. That’s why acknowledging, respecting and rewarding these 20% is imperative. After all, loyal customers are the biggest assets of any business.

In fact, customer loyalty is the key determinant of an organization’s success, yet many companies still keep focusing more on sales and customer acquisition. Getting new customers is great and necessary, but keeping them coming back on a regular basis is gold.

This infographic provides some shocking facts proving that customer loyalty really matters and offers 10 actionable steps your business can take to jump-start a thriving customer loyalty strategy. What does customer loyalty mean to your business and how do you build loyalty with your customers? Feel free to share your examples and success stories in the comments section.

Why Customer Loyalty Matters and How to Improve it
Why Customer Loyalty Matters and How to Improve it

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  1. People can find goods and services – often identical ones – if they look, but it is your relationship-building and maintenance that keeps them coming back to you. They choose to work with you. I always keep in that in mind.

    With all of the competition out there – keeping a client it is like being in training for the next event – you won’t win the gold next time around if you stop working for it just because you earned it once. So do what it takes!

  2. maintaining good relationships with customers is one key to success of business success. but without selecting customers. they all are for our king, like the poor or rich. fancy dress or casual. they must be serviced properly.

  3. This was an informative post. I think that maintaining Cordele relationships with customers is sacrosanct. My company, Mary is now deeply invested in loyalty video marketing. We weren’t sure which direction to take when reaching out to our target market, but ultimately we decided to go with loyalty videos that were provided by treepodia. If I may, I’d like to just say a few words about how video technology can help companies to reach their objectives: we talking about TV style branding, where people are so familiar with the ads that they instantly connect with them. The levels of engagement now our best-in-class. We get to see much higher retention rate, much higher conversion rate, and much higher sales as a result of our personalized approach. I love that everybody is really valuing customers more and more.

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