The Value of the Feedback. How Running Customer Survey Impacts Your Business.

On this page I am going to convince you (or at least attempt it =)) that setting up customer survey is a thing totally beneficial to your business. If you are a live chat user, it is almost a crime not to use surveys, since they are ready made and available for you to use, giving you unlimited options for customization. If you don’t have a live chat on your website yet, the benefits brought up by surveys are another great reason for you to consider this tool for your business. Along with live chat you get so many other perks, such as real-time monitoring, traffic stats, co-browser, geo-location map, page push, customer survey – all at a very reasonable not to say low cost, that’s it’s a truly worthy investment which pays off in spades. If I got you interested, check out our free trial, the link is at the bottom of this page.

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