What is the Cost of Poor Customer Service?

Poor Customer Service
Poor Customer Service Effect

Dissatisfied customers are, unfortunately, an inevitable fact of business life. How you respond will determine whether the customer shares on social media how terrible your customer service is or will remain loyal to your company. Lots of brands have gone out of business because of poor customer service. More than ever, customers want to be treated with respect. According to the report Customers 2020 by Walker Information in collaboration with Customer Think and the Chief Customer Officer Council, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

In this article I will highlight the main reasons why customers leave dissatisfied and will unfold unpleasant facts about the impact of poor customer service on the brand. On the below infographic you will see valuable statistics from NewVoiceMedia and ClickFox about poor customer service effect on the business: >>>

Top 3 Customer Service Fails or Why Large Corporations Provide Poor Customer Service

Customer Service Fails
Customer Service Fails

Customer service is the face of any company today. There is nothing more frustrating for consumers than poor customer service, especially if it is delivered by a large and known brand. Unfortunately not all businesses realize that customer service is more important today than they think and it definitely plays a very significant role in this world of constant competition. But still there is a question unanswered why do consumers stand this and do not seek for an alternative?

Comcast Customer Service Call Mayhem

This call record is fresh on our minds and shows how little attention is paid to customer service quality in this company. A customer support agent insisted on taking the customer who was canceling Comcast service through a circular argument to find out the reason why he was canceling. >>>