The Truth About Multitasking in Customer Service [Infographic]

Today we cannot deny that multitasking has become an inevitable fact of any customer care agent’s workflow. It is really shocking as we all know that multitasking causes drops in productivity and increases the number of errors made by customer service reps. No matter what kind of customer service options your company provides, your team faces the multitasking challenge on a daily basis and nothing can be done to prevent this. All of us have been in the situation when while composing an email we have to answer a phone call or accept a live chat request. Our attention is drawn to another task and our initial task and the chain of thoughts are interrupted.  >>>

The Challenge of Multitasking in Customer Service

Multitasking in customer service
Multitasking in customer service

It’s no secret that for many customer service jobs multitasking is an essential requirement. A common example of multitasking at work is a representative juggling numerous tasks at once like talking on the telephone, taking notes and checking emails at the same time.

You might even wonder what’s so special about it – nowadays with the hectic pace of our daily lives, many of us get used to something like this. People talk on the phone while driving, text while keeping conversation with friends, and constantly check emails while watching favorite shows.

Indeed, in today’s information-saturated world multitasking is a widespread phenomenon. There has been numerous scientific researches published in recent years investigating human multitasking abilities. Some of the projects intended to determine the benefits it can bring, while others were carried out to study the negative consequences of multitasking. >>>