A Complete Guide To Using Canned Responses in Live Chat

Canned responses
Canned responses guide

Predefined, canned or saved responses in some cases help to facilitate and enhance live chat communication. However, live chat agents should keep in mind that misusing this feature may lead to their chat sessions sound robotic and unfriendly. All bread is not baked in one oven. The same should be applied to live chat canned responses for your company’s customer service. They should be unique and adjusted to your business needs.

Though, it seems quite clear what kind of responses to add, I would like to describe some scenarios which will help you to create canned responses for your live chat.

Greeting your customer

Most live chat providers offer an ability to customize system messages, which appear automatically when the chat is initiated. Definitely, adding valuable for your customers information to such messages will save your team’s time and will give your customers clear directions what to do further. You can include some basic instructions, greet your customers or just thank them for contacting your support chat. Here are a couple of examples of such messages: >>>

How to Work Out a Strategy for Using Predefined Responses in Chats

How to use Canned Responses Properly

We all know that our support will be faster if we use canned response, but how will it look from another side, when within a second or two a person gets a response containing three sentences? How would you feel if you were that person? “Wow that was fast”, “how stupid I am, they even have a response ready, which they send thousand times a day” or “hmm, will use email next time as it looks like there is a robot”. The main challenge we may face when using canned responses is to make them appear in the right place at the right time and look appropriate without making the support robotic or impersonal. In this article we will help you to work out a strategy for using predefined responses in your customer support workflow and find that golden mean which will work the best for your business.