Proactive communication with customers: what benefits can it give to your business?

The benefits of proactive communication for businessesProactive communication is an important part of customer service. It helps to facilitate the customer journey and inspires customers to stay loyal to the company.

CEB Global study found that for every ten customers who have a high-effort service experience, nine will become disloyal and eight will say something negative about your brand to others.

What other benefits does proactive communication bring to a business?

  • It shows that you care

There is a very strong psychological effect to showing your care for someone. This gives a sense of union and belonging somewhere. Customers may feel they are part of a big family that your company is. If you care for them, they will never want to leave.

  • Gives value to the customer

A survey run by Econsultancy showed that 83% of shoppers said they needed some form of support during their online journey. For example, you can send a proactive invitation to live chat to a customer who is shopping on your website and you will meet their need before they even tell you about it. 

  • Gives insights into your work

If you are working on a customer’s issue, sending updates on the progress or following up with the customer if you need more information to resolve the problem, shows the customer that you are actively working and dedicated to help him and find a solution.

  • Builds trust with your brand

The 2017 Microsoft State of Global Customer Service report found that customer service impacts brand choice and loyalty for 96% of consumers around the globe. Proactive communication improves the quality of customer service. Customers easily recognize how much effort you put into solving their issues and they begin to trust you more.

  • Prevents possible issues

Proactive communication helps to identify any pain points the customer may have and prevent them from turning into more serious problems. Asking questions also helps the customer service agents to understand the customer’s issue more clearly and offer the right solution.

  • Improves productivity

Proactive approach to customer service saves time and resources spent on support. Agents that can predict emerging issues and prevent them, become more productive in their work. This helps to reduce the number of incoming customer service calls you receive and maximize the productivity of the whole company.

  • Strengthens customer loyalty

Last but not least, proactive communication is a great tool for earning loyal customers and making them want to stay. By being proactive you show your commitment to customer satisfaction. When you openly approach customers and share information with them, you also display some transparency and honesty, which sets you apart from many other businesses.

You can make it easy for your customers to deal with your company. Be proactive in your communications and you will see immediate results how customers’ perception of your company will change for the better, or sometimes it will even turn from negative to positive. I’ve seen many cases like this in my work experience.

Adding a human touch and proactivity to your interactions can create miracles and turn customers into real friends and ambassadors of your brand. Give it a short and I will be happy to hear about your results in the comment section below.


Maria Lebed


  1. This post gave us an idea here in the company. We have conducted persuasive and empathetic training with our staff and the results have been incredible. thanks to your post. Many thanks for the article Maria.

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