Live chat plugin for website: features

Chat plugin for your website

Live Chat Widget

Pop-up or embedded Live chat window widget, which allows you to chat with your website visitors in real time. Smooth integration of this plugin and any type of website. Customizable visitor messenger to match your website design. A handful of useful features to create a great customer experience for your clients!

Unlimited chat sessions

Multiple Simultaneous Live Chat Sessions

No restrictions for the total, as well as concurrent number of chat rooms each operator can have. There is a private chat room tab labeled with the customer's name for agents' convenience. Each unanswered customer's reply brings up a yellow sticker, so with our chat plugin there is no chance of missing a single message!

How to start chat with other agent

Operator-to-Operator Chats

Onboarding new staff is easy with operator-to-operator chats. Support agents can take advise from each other and discuss complicated user cases in a private chat room.

How to invite other agent to chat

Transferable Calls

Customer requests can be quickly escalated to the right person by transferring the chat to another department or inviting a colleague to the current chat.

How to initiate a proactive chat with a customer

Proactive Chat

Predict and prevent issues customers may have with your website by asking questions and offering help through proactive chat. A customer will see a help offer in their browser and will be able to start a chat if they need assistance.
Learn more about proactive chat invitation

How to send a file to a customer

File Transfer

Enable quick sharing of important files through a secure channel. Whether it is a price list, an invoice or any other information you need to send to or receive from the customer, files of any type up to 100 MB in size can be transferred by either party when there is live chat plugin on your website. Optionally, you can disable file transfer for visitors and allow only your support agents to send files.
Learn more about file transfer

How to insert an emoticon to a message


Make your customer service interactions more lively and engaging by adding emoticons in your messages. Customers appreciate a personal touch and a feeling that they are chatting with a real person. And they do need to express their own emotions too!

How to insert a predefined message to a chat

Canned messages

Save your agents' time on cutting and pasting same pieces of text over and over and make their work more productive. Сanned responses allow you to save answers to most common questions and quickly send them to the customer during a live chat.

Assign Operators to Multiple Departments

To save costs on manpower, you can use the same agents across multiple departments. Alternatively, you can assign unique specialists to a department and make sure only they will get contacted when this department has been selected by the customer.

Automatic Emailing of Chat Transcripts

Whether you need to check the customer's information after the chat or you want to review the chat conversation for training purposes, with chat transcripts feature you can get a copy of each live chat to one or several of your emails automatically.

Easy Integration with Your Website

To register online and paste a short live chat snippet into your website code is all it takes to get a nice live chat plugin to appear on your pages!

No Software Installation Required

We offer a web-based chat client for operators, so it is not required to install additional software on your computer or on your website. Web console is especially handy on the go and while you are travelling.