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If you need to make sure your live support is available during certain hours, we have added a cool feature to help you monitor just that.

At Account Settings / Online Presence Monitoring in your account Control Panel you can add an email or multiple emails and receive alerts whenever your account has been either online or offline for more than 60 seconds.

This can help you to prevent accidental disconnects when the operator lost connection and went offline without noticing it.

This also allows you to track situations when someone accidentally turned on the operator console off his shift and left the online chat unattended.

All in all, this small little feature enables you to take control over your live chat support online presence and make sure it is on and off at exactly the times it is needed.

The cases when Online Presence Monitoring feature is useful

  • Your agent can log into the mobile agent app by mistake or the desktop app will launch automatically when the computer starts. For those cases when you receive an online alert at the time your account should be offline, you can use Agent Force Logout feature to log that online agent off remotely. To do this you need to follow My Account / Operators and Departments page, choose online agent there and click "Force logout" button.
  • Another situation which may happen due to improper settings in the agent app. If you have one agent online but suddenly receive offline alert, this may mean that the agent app switched to "away" mode automatically. By default idle detection is enabled in the agent app and the time of inactivity is set to 15 minutes. Thus, if there has been no activity on a computer for 15 minutes, the app will switch its status to "away". To prevent this from happening you need to ask your agent to follow Options / General tab in the app and either disable the option "Show me away when I'm inactive for XX minutes" or increase the time.
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