How to Tailor Customer Service Based on Customer Personality Type

Always keep in mind that people are different, not difficult — Peter Urs Bender, “How To Deal With Difficult Customers” A key skill of a successful customer service professional is an ability to be flexible and use different approaches in different situations, that is, to tailor the way they respond to customer needs based on particular context of the situation. Probably anyone who’s ever worked with people would tell you that different techniques work for different customers. It’s essential to recognize how a customer would like to be treated from the first point of contact so that you could choose the most suitable approach in line with your own experience and intuition. Some people tend to think and act quickly, while others like to take more time to make informed decisions. Some people are more friendly and enthusiastic, while others prefer to stay more reserved. The more adaptive your communication skills are, the more you are likely to develop a rapport with a variety of customers and deal effectively with a diversity of situations, — and the less are the chances of misunderstanding, miscommunication or frustration on the customer’s end.

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