Best Practice For Proactive Chat. To Engage Or Not Engage?

Many of us have had the experience of multiple chat invitations being flashed in our face on different websites – experience rather unpleasant and annoying considering that the pop-up often comes up on the next page even after having been closed and there is no option to get rid of it permanently. After having tasted it as a user, as businesses we start wondering, is it worth to have it, will my visitors enjoy it, will I not scare them away from my website? The truth about people is that they can be divided into those who like to engage and those like to be engaged. If you are waiting for users to reach out to you, you are missing a great deal of opportunities to establish a business relationship with those who are waiting to be engaged by you. To maximize your reach and sales opportunities, it is important to develop a strategy which includes both types of approach.

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