Top 10 Customer Service KPIs: How to Evaluate Your Live Chat Team Performance

Top 10 Customer Service KPIs
Customer Service KPIs for Live Chat Teams

Customer service representatives play a key role in business growth and promotion – by supporting customers they build trust and improve brand awareness, reduce the number of complaints and facilitate your marketing efforts. More than that, they often are the only contact a customer has with a company. If your business is in need of creating or growing a customer service team, there should be a process of evaluating its performance to make the team successful. >>>

3 Factors Driving Customer Satisfaction the Most in Customer Service

Drivers of Customer Satisfaction
3 Most Important Drivers of Customer Satisfaction

How to increase customer satisfaction? Probably every business is asking this question at a certain stage of their existence. There are so many tips online on how to boost customer satisfaction that sometimes one can get lost in the flood of information.

What if we try to look at this question scientifically?

Recent CX Act research 2015 “Omni-Channel Customer Care Study” revealed that there are 3 most important drivers of customer satisfaction. At least now we have something to focus on and prioritize our efforts. Let’s look at each one of them. >>>