10 Live Chat Application Tips and Tricks for Support Operators

10 live chat application tips for more efficient support
Live chat console tricks for support operators

Probably it’s true for most of us that even within applications that we use for years on regular basis we sometimes discover some hidden features or a different way of handling the application which we would never come to know about unless an accident happened.

Why wait for an accident!

Today I would like to share with you a few tips and tricks which I personally find very helpful in making the work of the live chat support operator easier and more efficient. I am sure you never noticed at least some of them.

So, let’s begin. >>>

Leveraging Chat Support: 3 Things You Might Be Overlooking

3 things you might be missing to increase the efficiency of chat support
3 Things most overlooked in chat support

If you have clicked through to this post, most likely you are already offering chat support to your clients from your website. Many of us, online companies, are trying to extract better value from different online tools which we are using for business. Chat support tool is no exception. You are probably wondering if you are handling your chat support in the most effective way.

How to know if you are using the tool to its maximum potential? Are you not missing anything?

As a live chat support software provider, we have a record of our customers almost constantly missing on three very important features, which could give so much benefit to their business. Perhaps, it is our fault also that we are not marketing these features well enough. Our apologies and an effort to correct ourselves with this post. >>>