Provide Support ® vs. Competing Chat Systems

FeatureProvide Support
(any package)
Bold Chat
(basic package)
LivePerson ProZopim Advanced
Licensing and Pricing
Price per operator per 1 month$15.00$9.00$109.00$25.00
Price per operator per 1 year$99.00$99.00$1,308.00$240.00
Volume discounts starting from 3 operatorsup to 65%up to 20%
Multiple website support
Price based onnumber of operator profilesnumber of concurrent online operatorsnumber of concurrent online operatorsnumber of operator profiles
Trial duration10 days10 days8 days14 days
Trial limitationsnone2 concurrent online operatorssome features are not availablenone
General Features
Free branding removal in any plan
Automated chat state detection
Possibility to invite visitors to chat from the operator side
Automated live chat invitation
Encrypted live chat sessions
Chat transcripts
Canned (pre-defined) messages
Eastern languages support (right-to-left layout) both for visitors and operators in Live Chat Messenger only
Pushing pages from operator to visitor
File transfer feature both for visitors and operators
Emoticons in live chat messages
Automatic URL and e-mail recognition in chat text for both operator and visitor
"Party is typing" notification for both operator and visitor
Smart call distribution methods
Visitor Side
Custom fields on the Start Chat Form to request additional information from the visitor before chat
Custom fields in the Post Chat Survey to request visitor feedback after the live chat
Custom fields on the "Leave a Message" form
Customizable Proactive Chat Invitation form
Customizable Visitor Live Chat Messenger appearance
Displaying operator's picture and greeting message in the Visitor Live Chat Messenger
Translation into any language to make the Visitor Live Chat Messenger more user friendly for visitors from your country
Chat transcript sending to the e-mail specified by a visitor
Printing out the chat text from the visitor side
Enabling/disabling sounds on the visitor side
Popup blockers resistance
Operator Side
Downloadable operator console for Windows Java-based
Downloadable operator console for Mac OS Java-based
Downloadable operator console for Linux
Multiplatform web-based operator console Java-based
"Away" console state to prevent receiving new chat calls
Ability to invite additional operators to chat and transfer chat from one operator to another
Operator-to-operator chats
Multiple concurrent live chat sessions
Sound alerts to be notified about new calls, messages, etc.
Visual alerts to be notified about new calls, messages, etc.
Co-browser feature for following and navigating your website visitors
Spell checker to avoid errors in your messages to visitors
100+ languages

5 languages

18 languages

Website Monitoring
Real time website monitoring 2,500 visitors per month
Visitor details - IP, browser/OS, current page, navigation history
Visitor details - geographic location
Visitor details - local time
Graphics representation of visitors' country, browser/OS, search engine to get all needed information at a glance
Referrer and search engine keywords detection
Geo Location map to see where your visitors are from
Possibility to pass variables from website scripting to monitoring
Website traffic statistics
Visitor history with detailed information about each visit
Charts - total number of visitors
Charts - average time on site and average number of visited pages
Charts - visitor location, operating systems, browsers, most visited pages, etc.
Keyword and referrer reports
Flexible reporting period
Data export
Website Integration
Standard chat button that appears fixed on the page
Floating chat button that remains visible while scrolling
Code supporting both plain and secure pages
Code for emails
Code for websites not supporting JavaScript
Displaying different chat buttons on different websites, pages or places on the same page
Text chat link feature
Website monitoring possibility without live help icon/link displaying
24/7 live technical support
Toll-free phone support

* The information on this page is current as of February 25, 2013. Please send an email to if you see discrepancies.