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The stand-alone Operator Console is an application. It should be installed on the operator's computer.


The stand-alone Operator Console is free to use and can be installed on any number of computers.


As you can see from the comparison chart, the stand-alone Operator Console is more powerful and convenient than the web-based one. We recommend using it if there is no particular reason to use the web-based Operator Console.


We offer the stand-alone Operator Console for Windows, macOS and Linux. It supports all most popular versions of these operating systems.


The console looks like the following


Stand-alone Operator Console

Stand-alone Operator Console


1.Each chat session appears as a separate "room tab" labeled with visitor name

2.Operator's, visitor's and system messages are displayed in the main message area

3.Chat messages are typed in the text input area. All world languages are supported

4.Geo Location feature allows you to see geographic distribution of your website visitors on a world map

5.Co-Browser allows you to follow and actively navigate visitors on your website

6.You can proactively invite your website visitors to chat and see their navigation history