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Effective collaboration between your team members is an important part of successful customer service workflow. The way your agents interact depends on the tools you equip them. With Provide Support live chat this process becomes very convenient and straightforward. Provide Support team collaboration tools help not only to facilitate your customer service workflow, but also improve your overall customer service level.

Chats between agents

While assisting customers your agents may have questions which they would like to discuss with team members. In the Team tab of the native agent app, and Operators tab of the browser app, it is possible to initiate chats with colleagues. Your agents can either chat in private rooms or invite co-workers to group chats. It is a very convenient way to discuss various issues and assist co-workers in solving them. Chat transcripts are sent after such conversations and your agents can access them in their mailboxes.

Chats transfer

Chats transfer at Provide Support is very simple and straightforward. This process is very seamless for live chat visitors since they do not need to initiate new chat conversations to get connected with a different department. Agents can invite their co-workers from different departments to assist further. Moreover, there can be several live chat agents invited to the same chat room in case a comprehensive solution is required.

Chats supervising

Provide Support system allows supervising chats of agents in real time. There are two ways for this:

  • An agent can invite you to the chat room
  • You can log into your agent app with credentials of the agent you would like to supervise. With help of our native agent app you can supervise several agents concurrently. You can also store their login information in the Profile Manager in your native agent app

This feature is very useful when you need to train and supervise your new co-workers while they are making their first steps in assisting through your company live chat.

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