Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

Real-time visitor monitoring is a powerful and very useful part of Provide Support live chat system. Monitoring results will help you to gather details about your average customers’ demand. Don't miss a chance to improve your marketing strategy and increase your sales using the monitoring subsystem of our live chat.

Real-Time Website Visitor Monitoring

View visitor's IP address, host name, country, browser type, pages visited, referrer address, and other information using monitoring feature of our live chat system. This information will allow you to better define your marketing strategies.

Geo Location Map

View geographic distribution of your current website visitors on a world map. New visitors, and visitors you are currently chatting with, will be highlighted.

Visitor List

View your current visitors' information in a table in special area of the Operator Console screen.

Navigation History

Click on the "Show" button for a particular visitor in the Visitor List, to view the list of all pages viewed in this visit, along with the time spent on each page.