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Spell Checker

Automatic Spell Checking

Spell checker for various languages is built into the Operator Console and ready to use. It automatically checks your spelling while you're typing your message in the Live Chat Operator Console and highlights words that might be spelled incorrectly.

Suggestion List

If on the fly you spell something incorrectly in a live chat session, spell checker will give you a drop down box with a list of possible spellings. You choose the right word.

User Dictionary

You can extend your dictionary and add words or acronyms which are industry specific.


Choose your language from the list of languages supported by our spell checker. You can select several languages if you assist customers from different corners of the world.

General Options:

  • Case sensitive

    When enabled, a distinction is made between capitalized and non-capitalized words being typed in the live chat window. For example, canada is considered different from Canada, so canada would be reported as a misspelling. When the option is disabled, canada, Canada, and CANADA are considered identical.

  • Split hyphenated words

    When enabled, each word in hyphenation is checked as a separate word. For example, double-click, is checked as double and click separately.

  • Strip possessives

    When enabled, the possessive suffix of a word is ignored (i.e., are skipped without being checked). For example, user's is checked as user.

  • Ignore upper case words

    When enabled, any words containing all capital letters are ignored. You might enable this option if you use a lot of acronyms during live chat sessions. Example: HTML, ASAP.

  • Ignore capitalized words

    When enabled, any words beginning with a capital letter are ignored. You might enable this option if the text being checked contains many proper names. Example: John Smith.

  • Ignore mixed case

    When enabled, any words containing an unusual mixture of upper- and lower-case letters are ignored. Examples: PrintScreen , CapsLock.

  • Ignore mixed digits

    When enabled, any words containing embedded digits are ignored. You might enable this option if the text being checked contains many code words or other symbols containing digits. Examples: Win98, MPT63.

Suggestion Options:

  • Suggest phonetic

    When enabled, suggests replacements for a misspelling based on phonetic patterns (i.e., words that "sound" similar). Example: suggests selling for celing.

  • Suggest typographical

    When enabled, suggests replacements for a misspelling based on typographical similarity (i.e., words that are spelled similarly). Example: suggests cling for celing.

  • Suggest split words

    When enabled, two separate words will be suggested as a replacement for a misspelling containing two joined words. Example: suggests Web page for webpage.

Language Dependent Options:

  • Split contracted words (French, Italian)

    When enabled, checks each word that is separated by an apostrophe as a separate word. Example: for quell'anno, checks quell and anno separately.

  • Split words (German)

    When enabled, splits a misspelled word into two or more smaller words. Example: breakpoint becomes break and point.