Native Desktop Chat Agent App Features

Idle Detection

Live chat Operator Console will automatically switch to "Away" state when your computer remains inactive for some time. Live chat button on your website will change to "Offline" even if you forget to log out from the Console. You can define this timeout on the Options screen in the Operator Console menu.

Event Notifications

Facilitate your workflow with different available alerts. You can set your Operator Console raising and blinking in Task Bar, get notifications in your System Tray or receive audible alerts when visitors call to your chat, enter your website, send you files and on other events during your chat sessions.

Autorun when Windows Starts

Allows you to be available for your web site visitors, and ready to provide live support as soon as you turn your computer on.


Make less mouse clicks and save your time with extremely useful hot key combinations which allow you to operate your console application and execute different commands during chat sessions. Find detailed hot keys description in our F.A.Q.

Minimizing to Windows System Tray

When you don't have ongoing live chat sessions with customers, Operator Console can be minimized to Windows System Tray - small area in the bottom right corner of the screen, near the clock. When your website visitors call, Operator Console will pop up from the System Tray automatically, and you will be able to answer the call.

Operator Profiles

Allows you to run several copies of the live chat console, connected to different operator profiles or accounts. This can be useful when you have several Provide Support accounts and would like to support live help requests from all of them from one computer.