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The following changes were made in the new Agent App 5.7.1 (compared to the previous version 5.6.x):

New features

  • Message input area is customizable now:
    • Keyboard shortcuts for message sending and carriage return can be changed
    • Font settings (font family, size, style) can be changed. Note! These settings won't affect the chat text, they are applied to the message input area only
  • Geo Location Map supports full screen mode now. It can be resized to fit your requirements as well
  • Hunspell spell checker engine is supported now. You can use free Open Office dictionaries with the Console
  • All Console tabs (Room Details, Co-Browser, etc.) can be undocked now. So you can arrange them on your screen in the way most convenient for you. Just right click the tab header and choose "Undock" item in the menu. To dock the tab back, just close it or right click any of the remaining tabs header and use the "Dock … tab" menu item.


  • The Console supports Mac OS from Tiger to Mountain Lion now.
    Note! Current version works with Intel based Macs only. For Power PC Macs please use any of the previous versions.
  • Many minor fixes have been made.
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