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The following changes were made in the new Agent App 5.5.2 (compared to the previous version 5.4.x):

New features

  • Event notifications improved
    • Events settings form redesigned
    • Raise console alert improved. Now you can make the Console raise and grab the input focus or just blink in the task bar on certain events New design of Events tab
    • System tray popup notifications added. Now you can accept / decline chat calls and switch to the room with the latest message right from the tray notification On Visitor Call popup notification in the system tray
  • Support for Symbian OS added in Visitors list Symbian OS icon in the Agent App
  • Chat management improved
    • New chat tabs appear at the top of the room tab pane now Chat tabs order improved
    • Focus automatically jumps to the message input area after accepting the chat or switching to another chat room


  • Command C and Command A support restored in chat text area on Mac OS X
  • Chat history autoscrolling to the beginning of the chat fixed on Ubuntu 9.x
  • Room tab pane scroll bar improved
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