Proactive chat invitation editing

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Proactive chat invitation editing



Proactive chat invitation feature allows initiating a chat with a visitor from the operator console.


Chat invitation appears in a layer, not in a popup window, thus it cannot be blocked by popup blockers.


It takes up to 10-20 seconds to display the chat invitation. This delay could increase to up to 1 minute if you initiate a chat invitation just after turning on the visitor monitoring.


Unfortunately the chat invitation is not automated yet, it should be sent by operator manually.


Chat invitation is supported only by codes that have monitoring feature. Thus Chat Button or Link for Emails and No-Script Chat Button Code don't support the chat invitation.


The chat invitation usage


Greeting message


In the stand-alone Operator Console you are able to add a welcome text every time when you invite a visitor, in the message input area. You can use a canned message for this, to avoid typing each time.


The web-based Operator Console also supports adding a welcome text feature. You can add this text right after pressing "Call" link next to your visitor


Chat invitation and your visitors


We usually recommend being very careful with the chat invitation feature. Some visitors could feel very uncomfortable when they see messages popping up, they could feel that somebody is monitoring on the other side.


Try to use an impersonal message when you invite, e.g. something like "Thank you for visiting our website, if you have questions please use the chat tool, our operators will assist you". Try to avoid "I" or "me" in the message.


Chat invitation customization


You can customize the chat invitation screen in your account Control Panel, Account Settings / Chat Invitation page.


Live Chat Invitation page

Chat Invitation page


Chat invitation background


You can choose a chat invitation background image from our gallery or upload your own image, and then position active elements on the top of it.


To choose an image from our gallery, please click the "Select Other Background from Our Gallery" link on the Chat Invitation page and then click on the chosen image on the gallery page.


For some images from our gallery you can change a background color by choosing the needed color from the palette:


Chat Invitation Background

Chat Invitation Background


If you prefer to upload your own image, please note that it should be in GIF, JPEG or PNG format, up to 512x512 pixels in size. If the uploaded image exceeds the maximum size, it will be scaled to fit the limits. Animated GIF is also supported.


Maximum allowed file size for the chat invitation background is 200 KB (204800 bytes).


Possible errors that can occur when uploading your own chat invitation background image are the same as occur when uploading chat icon and header.


Active elements


Active elements include placeholders for operator photo and for the invitation message typed by the operator, optional input field for visitor's name, and three buttons: Accept, Cancel (decline the invitation), and Close.


Proactive Chat Invitation active elements

Chat Invitation active elements


You can hide any active element on the chat invitation. You'd need to set this element size to 1x1 in this case.


Note! Please don't set active elements position outside of the chat invitation image. They won't be visible but will be still active, this can cause issues.


If you are going to hide or resize some active element, most probably you'd need to redesign the chat invitation image as well. You could do this by saving the image on your computer, editing it and uploading back to the account.

Chat Invitation Background

Redesigned chat invitation background - placeholder for operator picture removed, Operator Picture active element is hidden


Note! You'd need to draw all needed elements of the chat invitation (buttons, greeting message area, operator picture area) on the chat invitation background image. Active elements will only make them active.


Chat invitation position


You can define the chat invitation position on the visitor's screen. The position can be absolute or relative.


Note! The position you define is the position of the center of the chat invitation, not its top-left corner. Thus you'd need to consider the chat invitation background image width and height when choosing its position.


You can define the following position for the chat invitation:


Fixed position on your page, pixels from left (top) edge of your web page. If you choose this option, the chat invitation will be tied to the defined position on the web page and if the visitor scrolls the page or resizes it, the invitation won't follow the visitor.


Chat invitation Position

Chat invitation is tied to its position on the website


Position is calculated from the image width and height. To display the invitation in 50 pixels from the top edge and 50 pixels from the left edge of the browser, Horizontal Position should be (271 / 2) + 50 = 186 (approximately), Vertical Position should be (191 / 2) + 50 = 146 (approximately)


Floating - relative to visitor's browser window, pixels from left (top) edge of visitor's browser window. If you choose this option, the chat invitation will be tied to the defined position in the browser window, not the web page, and will follow the visitor if the visitor scrolls the page or resizes it.


Chat Invitation Floating POsition

Website is scrolled down - chat invitation follows the visitor


Position is calculated as for the previous option.


Floating - relative to visitor's browser window, percent of visitor's browser window width (height). This option is similar to the previous one, but the chat invitation position is defined not in pixels but in percent.


Proactive Chat Invitation floating position in percent

Chat invitation is tied to the center of the browser window (50% height and 50% width)


Possible issues


Chat invitation is partly hidden behind other images or misplaced


Sometimes the chat invitation layer conflicts with other layers of your website and can be displayed improperly. To fix this, please find the first DIV of the chat button code, cut it from the code and put it right after the opening <body> tag of your website. The first DIV is responsible for the chat invitation, it has the following look:


<div id="ciXXXX" style="z-index:100;position:absolute">


If the chat invitation is used on a website based on frames, it can be displayed in an improper frame. Please contact us in our support chat or via email and our operators will assist you with fixing this.