Managing the offline chat behavior

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Managing the offline chat behavior



When there are no agents online in your account, the system switches your chat to the offline mode. By default the system displays the Offline Message window when the visitor clicks the chat button in the offline mode. The system also can:


Redirect visitors to some webpage when they click the offline chat button

Hide the chat button when the chat is offline


Customization of the offline chat behavior


The offline chat behavior can be changed in your account Control Panel, Account Settings / Offline Settings page.


Offline Settings page

Offline Settings page


1.This option is the default one. When a visitor clicks the offline chat button, the Offline window is displayed and the visitor is prompted to fill out some fields and send you an offline message. If there is no email address specified with this option on the Offline Settings page, the email from Account Profile page is used. The set of fields offered to the visitor is customizable.

2.This option is used to redirect visitors to some webpage when they click the offline chat button. It can be useful when you wish your visitors to fill out some questionnaire, more complicated than the Offline form. You can create a questionnaire page on your website and visitors will be redirected to it. Please provide the needed webpage URL for this option.

3.If you would like not to display the offline chat button to your visitors, you can use this option. The offline chat button will be hidden from the website.


Possible errors


Offline behavior doesn’t change


You changed the offline chat behavior to redirect visitors to some webpage or to hide the offline chat button but the system still opens the Offline form.


This error occurs when the No-Script Chat Button code or the direct link to the chat window is used. The offline chat behavior is managed by Javascript part of the chat button code, thus if there is no Javascript in the code, the settings are not picked up.


If there is any particular reason to use code without Javascript on your website, please call to our support chat and we will find a workaround to adjust the needed chat behavior.