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To have the ability to chat with your website visitors you need to login to the Operator Console.


There are two possibilities to start chatting:


The visitor can call to your chat

You can send a chat invitation to the visitor


In any case, a separate tab will be opened in the console for each chat conversation. You can switch between tabs to handle several chats concurrently.


There is no possibility to chat with several visitors in one chat room. But it is possible to invite several operators to the chat room.


Tabs 1 and 2 on the image below are accepted chats.

Tab 1 is the active chat as this tab is opened currently. You can see the chat history of this chat in the console and send messages to the visitor until you switch to another tab.

The chat on the tab 3 has not been accepted yet - the tab still contains Accept Call (5) button. You need to press Accept Call button to start chatting with the visitor.


Managing chat calls


Chat room tabs in Operator Console

Chat tabs in Operator Console


To accept an incoming chat call, please press Accept Call (5) button on the chat tab.


When you wish to finish your chat, please click X (4) button on the chat tab.


If you wish to ignore or decline chat call, please click X (4) button on the chat tab without pressing Accept Call (5) button.


Console Status


Web based console allows changing console status from "online" to "away", this can be done manually by clicking on the "Online" status link n the left panel:


Web based console away status

Web based console away status


Possible problems


Several visitors in one chat tab


If the chat button code on your website is incorrect, several visitors can appear in the same chat tab. The right chat button code can be found in your account Control Panel, Chat Button Codes page.


Chat call continues ringing after accepting the chat


This can happen if your Internet connection is slow or because of temporary connectivity issues on the way between your computer and our chat servers. The ringing will stop in several seconds in this case. This is a temporary problem and usually it is sorted out  as soon as the connectivity issue is fixed. But if the problem remains for a long time, please contact us in our support chat or via email, we will help you to locate the problem.