Proactive chat invitation

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Proactive chat invitation



Proactive chat invitation allows you to invite any visitor browsing your website to chat.


To invite a visitor please do the following:


1.Click Call icon invitation icon in Options column in Visitors list

2.Type a message for a visitor in the text input area and press Send button


It takes up to 10-20 seconds to display the chat invitation. This delay can increase up to 1 minute if you initiate a chat invitation just after turning on the visitor monitoring.


Unfortunately the chat invitation is not automated yet, it should be sent by agents manually.


Using the chat invitation


Sending the chat invitation


You can send the chat invitation only to visitors without current chat sessions.


If Call icon is disabled disabled call icon in Options column, this means that


your visitor is chatting with one of your account operators now


your visitor hasn't closed the chat window after the chat was finished


You'll be able to send an invitation to the visitor as soon as the current chat with him/her is closed from both sides (visitor's and agent's).


Recommendations for proactive invites


We usually recommend being very careful with the chat invitation feature. Some visitors could feel uncomfortable when invited as they feel being monitored from the other side. To avoid this try using impersonal messages when you invite, e.g. something like "Thank you for visiting our website, if you have questions please use the chat tool, our agents will assist you". Try to avoid "I" or "me" in your greeting messages.


Possible problems


Sometimes chat invitation can conflict with other elements of your website. It can be displayed incorrectly in this case. Some changes to your website source code might be needed to fix the issue. Please ask your web master or account manager to contact us, we will assist in finding a solution.