Operators tab

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Operators tab



Operators tab allows you to see the list of all online and away operators in your account, their details and number of current chats. You can initiate a chat with another operator from Operators tab and invite another operator to your chat with a visitor.



Operators tab

Operators tab


1.Chats column contains information about the number of chats currently handled by operators

2.You cannot initiate a chat with yourself or invite yourself to an existing chat

3.You can initiate a chat with other Online or Away operators by clicking Call icon in Options column. You can also invite other Online or Away operators to an existing chat by clicking Invite icon in Options column


Using Operators tab


Inviting operators to chat


To invite another operator to an existing chat, please do the following:


1.Make the needed chat active (open its tab in the console)

2.Click Invite icon invite icon in Options column next to the operator you would like to invite


After inviting another operator, operator picture and greeting message in Visitor Chat Messenger will be changed to the ones assigned to the latest invited operator.


Operator-to-operator calls


To initiate a chat with another operator, please click Call icon next to the needed operator in Options column. The chat room will be opened in a separate chat tab.


Operator-to-operator calls are accepted automatically. There is no way to decline the call.