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Exchanging text messages in real time is the major feature of any live chat system. Messaging in our Operator Console is very simple and similar to messaging in any instant messenger.


To send a message to the visitor, please type the message in the text input area (1) and click Send (2) button or press Enter.


Web based console messaging

Messaging in Operator Console


1.Text input area - you can type your messages to the visitor in this area. HTML formatting is not supported in messages, but URLs and emails will become clickable after sending the message.

2.Send button (replaced with Invite when sending a proactive chat invitation) - you need to press this button to send a message to the visitor. You can also do this by pressing Enter on your keyboard. If there is no text entered in Text input area, the button is disabled.

3.Canned responses bar - this bar contains a drop down list with canned responses and a button to insert the chosen response to the message. The button is disabled when no canned response is chosen.


Since the web-based console is a web page, only basic editing is available via the text input area context menu: cut, copy, paste, select all, undo. To open the context menu, please right click on the text input area.


There is a possibility to resize chat history and tabs areas in the console. Text input area is not resizeable. There is a movable area between text input and tabs areas to perform resizing.


Arranging areas in Operator Console

Movable area in the console

To resize areas please do the following:


1.Put the mouse cursor over the moveable area, a double-arrow mouse pointer will appear

2.Press the left mouse button

3.Move the mouse up or down to resize the area

4.Release the left mouse button


Canned responses


Canned responses of different levels (company, department, operator) are colored with different colors in the web-based operator console:


Company level - red

Department level - green

Operator level - dark blue


To insert a canned response to the message, please do the following:


1.Click the arrow button in the right side of the canned responses drop down list

2.Choose a response from the list by clicking on it. The response text will be automatically added to the message text


Adding canned responses

Using canned responses


If the needed canned response is already chosen in the list, you need only to click the "lightning" button at the right of the list.


inserting latest response

Using canned responses


Our system allows creating canned responses from the account Control Panel only. You can do this in the account Control Panel, Canned Responses page. If you don't have an access to the account Control Panel, please contact your account administrator to add, edit or delete canned responses.


File Transfer


There is a possibility to send a file directly from the web based operator console:


File transfer

File transfer

To send the file, please do the following:


1.Click 'send file' icon

2.Choose the path to the file by clicking 'Browse' button

3.Click 'Send' button

4.After this the file will be sent and will appear in the chat messenger from visitors end and will be visible from the console in the chat history area.


Chat transcript sending


During the chat conversation or after it an operator can send a chat transcript directly from the operator console:


Chat transcript sending

Chat transcript sending


To initiate a chat transcript sending, please do the following:


1.Click 'Send chat transcript' icon

2.Insert the email address where the chat transcript should be sent to

3.Click 'Send' button


Number of concurrent chats


You can have as many chats concurrently as you can handle, we don't limit this.