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Volusion Integration

Provide Support and Volusion Integration


For Volusion shopping cart and live chat software integration Provide Support offers detailed instructions. Please find detailed step-by-step integration guide below:


1.To start with integration process you need to generate the code for your chat button. You can do this on My Account / Chat Button Codes page in your account Control Panel where you can log into on our website using your account name and account password. If you do not have an account, please register it here and start your free 10-day fully functional trial.

2.Once you are in, follow to My Account / Chat Button Codes page and choose there 'Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images'. We'd suggest placing the chat button tied to a fixed position on your browser window. This is the easiest and the fastest integration. For this purpose, please check 'Generate a floating chat button code' and define vertical and horizontal position for your live chat button. In our example we are adding a vertical chat button to the right side of a website.


chat buttom code example

Chat Button Code for the chat button tied to a fixed position on a browser window


3.Now you have the code and you need to add it to your template. To edit your template HTML, please follow Design / Template in your Volusion store admin menu and click 'Edit HTML' for your active template.


Volusion Active Template

How to edit your Volusion active template HTML


4.In your File Editor insert the code for chat button you have generated before. We recommend adding it before closing </body> tag. However, if you decided not to use floating chat button, you'd need to insert the code to the place you would like your chat button to appear. Please be advised, Volusion has some limitations on HTML source editing, so in some locations (theme menu, for example) the chat button or text chat link will not appear. That is why we recommend using our floating chat button code, which can be placed anywhere within theme body source.


Volusion File Editor

How to insert chat button code to Volusion template


5.After you have inserted the code, click 'Save' button to save your changes. The chat button will appear on your website. Below are two examples - chat button on home page and on products page:


Volusion Home Chat Button

Chat Button on Volusion Home Page

Volusion Products Page

Chat Button on Volusion Products Page