About the System

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About the System

Overview of Service

Provide Support is an online service that allows you to chat in real-time with your website visitors. Live chat enables you to give instant online customer support through your website and proactively sell your products and services. From large corporations to small businesses, Provide Support is a revolutionary way of providing a world-class service. Real-time website chat has proven to increase sales, reduce support costs, and win customer loyalty.


How it Works

Whenever your website visitors have questions or need assistance, they just need to click a live chat button. After clicking the chat button, they jump to chat with an agent right away or need to fill out the pre-chat survey and then get connected with a live chat agent, depending on your account settings. All chats are handled in private agent-to-visitor chat rooms.


Easy to Implement and Use

Chat functionality and visitor traffic monitoring can be added to a website by inserting a short string of HTML into the page source code. You may use the  browser app or download an intuitive native agent app from the Provide Support website. No additional plug-ins or software installations are required on the client side.


Customizable Look and Feel

Design of the chat window can be easily changed to match your website look and feel. You can upload your company logo, chat button images, change fonts and colors, chat invitation background, update system messages texts to make the chat window look integral part of your website.


Always Available

Our software gives you an opportunity of monitoring your website from any location, from any system, connected to the Internet. We save your settings and customizations for you. Our web-hosted system means you don’t have to worry about server capacity, bandwidth usage, system upgrades and other issues. To stay always online and assist your visitors on the go, you can use our mobile app. Our native agent app can be downloaded on any number of computers to let your agents work either from your office or from their homes.


Supported Systems

The chat system supports all most popular operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux. It works on most of browsers. We offer mobile apps for iOS and Android.


10-day fully functional trial

You can test the system on your real website with real visitors during the 10-day fully functional trial. Only account name, email and password are required to start the trial. There are no limitations during the trial: all features and customizations are available.