Visitors list

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Visitors list



All information about current visitors of your website is available on Visitors tab in the agent app.


For each visitor in the Visitors list you can see:


geographical location, IP address, host (IP Address, Host Name column)

time spent on the website and number of visited pages (Hits, Duration column)

the page the visitor is browsing at the moment, referrer URL, browser and OS information and values passed to the app by the chat button code (Details column)


Visitors list in the web-based Operator Console

Visitors list


1.Visitors having chat sessions with you. Rooms and Pages links in Options column are enabled.

2.Visitor having a chat session with another agent. Call link is disabled, Pages link is enabled in Options column.


Location and Referrer fields are clickable and contain links to the page your visitor is browsing now and the referrer URL accordingly.


Visitor navigation history


Visitor navigation history is opened by clicking on Pages icon in Options column in Visitors list. It opens over all other website visitors details. Please click cross icon above the navigation history to return to the full Visitors list.


Visitor's navigation history in the web-based Operator Console

Visitor navigation history


For each visited page you can see the following details:


Time when a visitor entered the page and time when a visitor left the page (Time). If your visitor hasn't left the page yet, current time is displayed instead of the time of leaving the page

How long your visitor has been browsing the page (Duration)

The page URL (Location)


Visited pages are numbered. The first visited page number is 1, the second - 2, etc. The most recently visited page is displayed at the top of the list.