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Managing operators and departments

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Default settings


Each new account in our system contains a default set of operator profiles and one department:


3 operator profiles with operator1, operator2 and operator3 logins and password1, password2 and password3 passwords and operator Nick Names "Operator 1", "Operator 2" and "Operator 3"

1 department named Customer Service


By default your operator profiles are assigned to the department and their login and passwords are operator1 / password1, operator2 / password2, operator3 / password3


Live Chat Agents and Departments configuration

Default Operators and Departments configuration


How it works


The chat button is connected to the entire account, to all departments and all operators. It is impossible to have the chat button connected only to a certain operator/department.


It is also impossible to assign a particular operator/department to a separate web page. As a workaround you can use the Select Operator and Select Department fields on the Start Chat Form to allow the visitor to select your operator or department manually.


Editing and deleting operators and departments


You can add/delete/edit operators and departments in your account Control Panel on our website, Operators and Departments page. To edit your operator profile or department, use "Edit" (pencil) icon. To remove an operator profile or department, use "Delete" (red cross) icon.


In our system you can create any number of departments. Number of operator profiles is limited by the subscription.




You can change the order of created operators and departments in your account, by moving them with help of green arrows or by dragging and dropping them.


Operators and Departments reordering

Operators and Departments reordering


Possible errors


The chat button will be always offline if there are no departments in your account or if there are no operators assigned to any department.

Please create at least one department and associate at least one operator with this department.


No Department warning

No departments created


No assigned live chat agents

No operators assigned to departments