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Managing Departments

Manage operators



Each department in our system has its own title, email and transcripts sending setting.


You can create any number of departments in your account, we don't limit this.


Note! You need to have at least one department in your account and one operator assigned to this department. Otherwise your chat will always show offline. If you don't want to display the list of departments on your pre-chat survey, please remove "Select department" field from the Pre-chat Survey.


Add / edit / delete department


To add a department, please do the following:


1.Click "Create new department" link

2.Enter department's title

3.Define email if necessary

4.Check "Send transcripts of all chats handled by operators assigned to this department to this (these) email(s)." option if you would like to receive chat transcripts to your department email

5.Assign agents from the list

6.Click "Create" button



To update department details, please do the following:


1.Click "pencil" icon next to the department you would like to update

2.Make changes in the department information

3.Click "Save" button


To remove a department, please do the following:


1.Click "red cross" icon next to the department you would like to remove

2.Reassign predefined responses if they were assigned to the department you are removing

3.Confirm the operator by clicking "Yes" button