Handling multiple accounts or multiple websites

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Handling multiple accounts or multiple websites

Handling several websites


One Provide Support account can be integrated with any number of websites. Visitors from all websites are displayed in the same list in this case.


You can detect which website the visitor came from by Current Page field in Visitors list and the visitor's navigation history.  In addition to this you can see which page a customer have contacted you from on the Room Details tab in the 'Called from' field.


The other option is to pass some additional information to identify the website to the Operator Console (e.g. the website name). To use this option Passing Information from Your Website Scripting to Operators code should be used on the website.


Handling several accounts


You can log into the Operator Console using several operator logins concurrently. You need to create a profile for each operator login in the console and open needed profiles on the console start. A separate instance of the console window with separate tray icon and settings will be opened for each profile. You'll be able to handle chats and control the console mode for each profile.