Sharing operator profiles

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Sharing operator profiles

Sharing operator profile by shifts


One operator profile can be shared between several representatives if needed. The profile will be impersonal in this case - some general operator name, picture, etc. Each representative will use the profile solely at a time.


This way of sharing profile is convenient enough and can be used to decrease costs spent on the subscription. But there can be difficulties when it is needed to check who handled some particular chats as all of them are handled using one operator profile.


Sharing operator profile concurrently


Several representatives can login to the same operator profile from several computers simultaneously. They will act as one operator for the visitor in this case. They will receive the same chat calls, see all chat rooms, hear all notifications.


This is not a convenient way of profile sharing. Operators can intrude to each others' chats accidentally, send several similar answers to the same visitor, etc.


Note! We recommend creating a separate operator profile for each operator. This allows to have a personalized set of settings (name, email, picture, canned messages, etc.) for each operator, to gather statistics based on the operator name from chat transcripts, identify to which operator each particular chat belongs. When using separate operator profiles, there is no chance to mix up chat calls or intrude to other operator's chat.