Geo Location

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Geo Location



Geo Location map is located in Geo Location tab of the agent app. It displays geographic location of your website current visitors.


All visitors are marked with red dots on the map.


Sometimes the number of dots doesn't coincide with the number of visitors in Visitors tab. Main reasons of this are the following:


The map doesn't support auto zooming currently. If there are several visitors from similar location, several dots can be grouped to one.

If visitor's geographic location is not detected by the system, the visitor is not displayed on the map.


Geo Location map

Geo Location map



1.New visitors are marked with a "New" tooltip on the map. The tooltip is displayed for a certain time, you can setup this time in the console options

2.All visitors' locations are marked with red dots on the map

3.Visitors chatting with other agents

4.Visitors who are navigating to another page at the moment are marked with green circles


You can change Geo Location map appearance in the agent app options.