Chat icon customization

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Chat icon customization



In the Chat Icon section you can:


specify chat icon shape - round or rectangular

pick chat button color

upload custom chat button images

specify chat button position on your website. Note! The chat button position can be specified only if you use chat button code with Javascript and if "Sticky chat button" option is enabled

define chat button behavior on mobile devices

set chat window to open as a pop up



Choosing chat button settings

Choosing chat button settings



1.Here you can see how the chat icons look on your website

2.Select the form of your chat icon - round or rectangular - or upload your own one

3.Pick the color for your chat icon to match your website look and feel

4.By following this link you will be able to select the set of chat icons from our gallery

5.You can select the chat button behavior on mobile devices: leave the chat button as is, make it smaller or completely hide. This option is applicable only if you use the chat button code with Javascript

6.You can enable "Sticky chat button" if you would like to have the position of the chat button defined related to the browser. If  "Sticky chat button" is disabled the chat button will appear in the place on your website where you inserted the chat button code and the chat window will load in the bottom right corner. In this case an option "Sticky chat button position" will not be available.

7.In this section you can define the position of the chat button on your website. This option is available only if you use the chat button code with Javascript and if an option "Sticky chat button" is enabled

8.If you check the box "Open chat window as a pop-up" it will open in a pop up window. Please note! Messages counter which is available for embedded chat window will not work for the chat window in a pop up mode.


How to upload your custom live chat icon


To upload custom chat icons, please do the following:


1.Select "custom" option in the "Shape" section

2.Click "Upload custom chat icons" link


Uploading custom live chat icon

Uploading custom live chat icon


3.Either select files or grad and drop them

4.Save chat window updates